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epoll Forged Diaphragm accumulator AML-type series
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Update date 2023-02-14 10:54
 AML type diaphragm accumulators are pressure vessels consisting of forged bodies with hemispherical ends. In a diaphragm accumulator, the separator consists of a diaphragm made of an elastic material. At the center of the film is a metal disk to prevent extrusion from the oil connection when the accumulator is completely emptied.
In the "AML" type accumulator, the separator can be replaced by unscrewing the ring nut on the gas side.
The diaphragm has very low friction, so the pressure drop between the oil side and the air side is irrelevant. The film also has low mass inertia. Therefore, diaphragm accumulators are preferred for use as water hammer absorbers and ripple dampers in the following domains: industry, machine tools, mobile, and agriculture.
The "AML" type accumulator has a recommended compression ratio of 1:6, and depending on the number of cycles, load and unload times can even reach 1:8 without compromising the use of nitrogen.