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epoll Additional cylinder ASS type series
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Update date 2023-02-14 10:53
 The additional ASS cylinder consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel forged from high strength steel. They are derived from AS-type air-bag accumulators without the airbag itself. Additional cylinders are used to store and increase the volume of gas in the accumulator group (with airbag or piston accumulator). This means that small accumulators attached to additional cylinders can be used for large amounts of gas, reducing costs.
EPE offers a variety of additional cylinders, such as * Type B, air bag accumulator bodies ASS and ASSA, and piston accumulator bodies AB. In the additional ASS type cylinder, there are * gas-side valves and * oil-side valves. The valve is composed of a valve body, a rubber washer, a fixed ring nut, a prefilling valve with a sealing gasket and a prefilling valve protection cover.
All of these parts can be ordered and replaced separately. In addition, on the gas side, the plates are held in place by rings that carry the technical data and characteristics of the accumulator.