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epoll Safety valve VS series
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Update date 2023-02-14 10:47
 The VS224 safety valve is designed and manufactured by Epe Italiana. They have a soft seal and full lift. They have a high outflow coefficient (K = 0.95) and are suitable for both gases and liquids.
VS224 valves are the safety devices mentioned in Instruction 97/23/EC * 1 * 2.1.3 and are subject to the application of the same instruction * 3 * 1.4.
These valves are directly operated to prevent overpressure associated with the operating conditions of the accumulator.
They can be mounted directly on the accumulator by using a suitable adapter (see Chapter * 8.3), on the gas side safety block (BC32G), or on the gas side fitting between the accumulator and the attached cylinder.
The opening of the valve is determined by the force exerted by the fluid under pressure; In contrast to a spring, the lifting spool acts directly on the sealed area.